NYC Beer Week 2020 | Events All Week @ St G | Feb 24-29

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NYC Beer Week 2020 is almost here!

The final week in February is one of the best times of the year for craft beer lovers in New York. Expect to see lots of goodies from local brewers, as well as beers from places not normally in NYC looking to showcase their wares while the spotlight is on. We have a full slate of events coming your way to celebrate!

Mon 2/24: Monthly Tasting Class

Stouts: Past, Present, and Future

with Certified Cicerone® Joy Reichenbach

The history of stouts and how they’ve evolved over time. Expand your knowledge on these great winter beers, and taste through a variety of styles.

Date & Time:
Mon, Feb 24, 7:00-7:45pm

$20 for class and five 4-oz tasters.
Available for purchase at the bar
or at

Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast
Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Café de Olla Stout 2019
Collective Arts + Voodoo Origin of Darkness
Nightmare Scaphism

Let’s kick off NYC Beer Week 2020 of right!

Tue 2/25: Tueuzeday Gueuzeday: Expanded Beer Week Edition

Just like our weekly exploration of all things sour, funky, wild and bottled but bigger and better! Our 2020 Beer Week edition of Tueuzeday Gueuzeday will feature a significantly filled out menu of the best, rarest, and (not coincidentally) priciest bottled sours we can get a hold of. Kyle’s stashed some of his favorites from the past few months as well. If you like sours and wild ales, this is your best way to try some of the best of them in one night without having to buy a bunch of bottles!

More info and full list of bottle pours to come.

Wed 2/26: NYC Beer Week 2020 Can Party

We had such a success when we did this during our 6th Anny week last year, we had to bring it back again. We’re hustling around and asking our favorite breweries to hook us up with an array of cans that you’ll usually only find if you go to the brewery. We’re here to save you some time!

More info and full list of cans to come.

Thu 2/27 & Beyond: NYC Beer Week 2020 Tap Takeover

We’re still trying to hunt for and lock down the best draft lineup we can for you, but we’ll let you know what all we have over the next 2 weeks. From Thursday of beer week onward, we’ll be putting up a pretty special list.

No matter what you’re into or how much your into it, if IT is beer, we have just about every single one of you covered! Keep an eye out as more posts and event info will be announced over the next couple weeks.

We can’t wait to see you!