Tueuzeday Gueuzedays! every week!

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November 13th.  We’ve got some great beers lined up for today’s Tueuzeday Gueuzeday!! Come by and (beer) geek out with Kyle!

-Allagash Brewing Company Interlude 2017, 10.6% (Portland, ME)
-Plan Bee Farm Brewery Pickle, 6.5% (Poughkeepsie, NY)
-Threes Brewing False Witness Saison w/ Sauvignon Blanc, 6.5% (Brooklyn, NY)

Every week, Kyle is cherry picking 3-4 special sour bottles from our retail selection and offering bottle pours of delicious, puckery sour beers!  We’re calling it Tueuzeday Guezeday!  Check our Facebook page and Instagram each week for the up-to-date weekly offerings!

We’re picking bottles that are rare and sometimes pricey so you can have the opportunity to taste these special beers without having to commit to the whole bottle.  Come and sample each TUEZEDAY!