Tueuzeday Gueuzedays! every week!

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Every week, Kyle is cherry picking a few special sour bottles from our retail selection and offering bottle pours of delicious, puckery sour beers!  We’re calling it Tueuzeday Guezeday!  We’re picking bottles that are rare and sometimes pricey so you can have the opportunity to taste these special beers without having to commit to the whole bottle.  Come and sample each TUEUZEDAY!  Check our Facebook page and Instagram each week for the up-to-date weekly offerings if not updated here.

TUEUZEDAY, October 8.

Boulevard Brewing Co. Love Child No. 10, 7.6% (Kansas City, MO) | 6oz/$8
Growing more complex with each new edition, this has traditionally beem one of the best bourbon barrel-aged sours. No. 10 is a bigger blend of Flemish-style reds and Belgian-style golden ales aged in a variety of bourbon barrels, wine barrels, puncheons, foeders, and stainless steel tanks.

Cascade Brewing Elderberry 2015, 7.0% (Portland, OR) | 5oz/$8
Another big blend of red ales aged for up to 25 months in red wine barrels on dried elderberries. Cascade set the bar for fruited sours in the states a long time ago and this is one of their most layered, interesting offerings.

Bellwoods Brewery Farmageddon: Niagara Montmorency & Morello Cherries 2019, 6.3% (Toronto, Canada) | 5oz/$10
This is Bellwoods’ oak-aged wild farmhouse brewed specifically with blending in mind. This latest edition is conditioned on two types of cherries after its initial oak aging. They will bring acidity, fruit sweetness, and a cherry pie spice to match the tart, funky, oaked sour base.

Hanssens Artisinaal Oude Gueuze (Dec 2016), 6.0% (Dworp, Belgium) | 4oz/$7
Founded in 1871, Hanssens is the world’s oldest blender of lambics. A blend of Giradin, Lindemans, and Boon worts.

Brasserie d’Orval S. A. Orval, 6.9% (Florenville, Belgium) | Full Btl/$11  Half Btl/$6
Funk meets Trappist brewing. One of the greatest beers ever. Drink it. A Gueuzeday everyday item.