Tueuzeday Gueuzedays! Sour Bottle Pours Every Tuesday!

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Every week, Kyle is cherry picking a few special sour bottles from our retail selection and offering bottle pours of delicious, puckery sour beers!  We’re calling it Tueuzeday Guezeday!  We’re picking bottles that are rare and sometimes pricey so you can have the opportunity to taste these special beers without having to commit to the whole bottle.  Come and sample each TUEUZEDAY!  Check our Facebook page and Instagram each week for the up-to-date weekly offerings if not updated here.

Tueuzeday Gueuzeday, Tuesday, December 10th:

Upland Brewing Company Kiwi, 7.0% (Bloomington, IN)
Kiwi is one of the most unique lambic-styles Upland, or anyone, makes. Whole peeled kiwis are added to a base sour ale that has been aging in white oak for 8 months. The result is a tangy, more tropical citrus-forward sour reminiscent of wild ales that incorporate white grapes. 
Brasserie de Blaugies & Hill Farmstead Brewery La Vermontoise, 6.0% (Blaugies, BEL)
A collaborative spelt saison originally created at Blaugies with Sean Hill and Dan Suarez. There is a slight funky side, but it’s more about the classic Belgian saison. The grains, amarillo hops and house yeast cultures shine most. Bright, bitter, lemongrass, effervescent and dry. 
Grimm Artisanal Ales & Brasserie de la Senne I Still Love The Old World, 5.3% (Brooklyn, NY)
One of, thankfully, the many funky and wild barrel-aged ales coming out of Grimm since their taproom opening in 2018. This is a hop and brettanomyces focused blonde ale with probably the best hop and brettanomyces focused brewery in Belgium. It’s ditter, dry, super funky and cheesy from the brett, but still very drinkable. Not much like it from Grimm in the past.
Graft Cidery Native Hudson Valley Spontaneous Cider 2019, 6.6% (Newburgh, NY)
The only cider we’ve ever included on a Tueuzeday was the first batch of this! Graft has spurred a huge increase in interest in ciders for us and everywhere their distribution stretches. The 2nd batch of Native sourced apples from wild orchards in the Hudson Valley and a lot from the farm where Sloop’s old brewery was located. They crushed the apples in house at their 2018 anniversary party and barrel-fermented the juice for 9 months in wine barrels using lees from the previous years blend.
Brasserie d’Orval S. A. Orval, 6.9% (Florenville, BEL)
Funk meets Trappist brewing. One of the greatest beers ever. Drink it. A new Gueuzeday everyday item.